​7 stylish choices for your coloured kitchen

Posted by Warner on July 14, 2018

Isn’t colour a wonderful thing? In an instant it can change our moods, tell us if we’re hungry or not, or even make a small space look and feel much larger (if you have any doubts about whether colour really is that powerful, feel free to read up on Colour Psychology). 

Of course it’s no surprise that colour remains one of the top tools used by interior designers, seeing as those tints and tones remain a great way to express personality. And that takes us to the kitchen, seeing as the heart of any home is always tasked with showing off heaps of character. In the olden days, the kitchen took on an all-or-nothing approach in terms of colour—who could forget those avocado green surfaces of the 1970s? Fortunately, time and trend have moved us on to more restrained colour palettes, with neutrals and earthy shades being the norm these days.

But of course nobody is forcing you to stick to off-white and mocha beige if that’s not what you deem fit for your kitchen. So, for everyone who loves nothing more than a coloured kitchen (yet chooses to stay away from those in-your-face hues like shocking pink or parakeet green), let’s take a look at some more characterful-yet-stylish options…

​7 stylish choices for your coloured kitchen

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