​Interior inspiration: wooden tables for any room

Posted by Michaud on March 21, 2017

When it comes to picking out furniture, it’s not only about the large pieces like sofas and beds. One also has to devote valuable time to finding the perfect smaller add-ons, such as coffee- and side tables. And Italian professional Ebanisteria Cavallaro might just be able to help with that!

Based in Guardia-Acireale, Ebanisteria Cavallaro specialises in modern handmade furniture with a slightly retro, mid-century vibe. Anything from credenzas and coffee tables to floating wall units can be seen in his ever-growing portfolio, all made from the best woods, fabrics and materials to ensure deluxe results for his clients. 

And since all products are made directly in his laboratory, no intermediaries are present to take a cut and, thus, increase the final selling price! Custom creations can also be designed, based on clients’ unique style and requirements.

Let’s have a look at some of his most beautiful creations…

​Interior inspiration: wooden tables for any room

​Interior inspiration: wooden tables for any room offee Table. Mark Cutler is a dynamic LA-based interior designer. Mark’s approach is to rethink the traditional idea of what a coffee table can be. Customizing the configuration of your furniture and accessories can create a totally unique look when styling your coffee table.

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