​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms

Posted by Parker on April 30, 2019

Want to make getting out of bed every morning a more agreeable experience? Consider both carpet and natural floor covering. 

Bear in mind that your bedroom carpet doesn’t require the same hard-wearing characteristics it does for other more open spaces, like a living room or dining area. In the bedroom you can save with a lighter weight of the same carpet used elsewhere in the house, or flaunt a super lavish design with a plush surface and deep pile. Your home’s other rooms might require a wool carpet blended with man-made fibres for wear and tear, but it doesn’t have to be the case with bedroom carpeting. 

And what about colours? That’s the other amazing thing about bedrooms: here, your flooring surface can flaunt colours that would be considered most impractical in other parts of the house. After all, not everyone walks around in your bedroom the same way they do in, say your hallway. Thus, a very pale colour scheme (off-white, cream, dusty beige) can be opted for if you live by a no-shoes policy in your bedroom. 

For a bit more interest, natural flooring is another great choice. We recommend sisal and seagrass (both terrific textures for bare feet), as well as jute (which has a super silky underfoot sensation).

​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms

​The homify guide to the best flooring for bedrooms Research house and Interior design ideas! Browse through home images for your home decor inspirations. FInd home professionals and beautiful homewares.

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